The Purposes and Meanings of Video Game Bathrooms

I aided Columbia professors Dr. Joshua Fisher and David Antognoli in compiling and updating a database for their IEEE Conference on Games 2021 paper, The Purposes and Meanings of Video Game Bathrooms. The online database is hosted here, and features hundreds of video game bathrooms alongside analyses of each entry. Where applicable, each entry is described in terms of its ludic and immersive purposes, and idealogical commentary.


I am the programmer for Columbia College Chicago capstone game Luminaria for the 2022 Spring Semester. Currently, I am revamping the existing character controller and implementing features that the team’s designers have created.

Brain Agents

I am a tester and bug fixer for Night City Game’s upcoming game, Brain Agents. While I have just started doing the work for this position, I am already gaining a lot of experience working on a professional team with an established workflow.