Object-Oriented C#

Adventure Game

Created for an introduction to programming class as a midterm, made in C# for a console application. The player can move to different locations by inputting directions, which is then reflected on a map in the menu screen. They can talk to characters and give multiple responses that can affect their reputation. Going to certain locations rewards them with items that they can then give to other characters. The screenshots below demonstrate the map function, inventory function, and the choices the player can make.

Virtual Pet Game

The final for an introduction to object-oriented programming class, created in XAML and C#. The player can choose a pet that they want to adopt and name it, which takes them to a main screen. On the main screen, the pet can be fed and played with by using the selected items. There is also a store page where the player can select different items to use with their pet. The screenshots below feature the pet selection, main menu, and store pages.