Luminaria: An Atmospheric Side-Scrolling Puzzle Game

Created as a senior capstone game, Luminaria features gorgeous art direction with light exploration and puzzle elements. It is perfect for those that have less experience with games or that want a casual play session.

My Role

Since I joined the team right in the middle of development, the majority of my responsibilities lied in enhancing or rewriting current systems to fulfill new development needs. As new issues came up, I would prioritize fixing bugs and implementing new features that other team members relied on to complete their own work.

Character Controller Revamp

Prior to my involvement, the team had received feedback on the way the player character controlled. Addressing these concerns was the first thing I focused on. The previous system also did not use the new Unity input system, which I decided to implement in my rewrite.

The main focus of this rewrite was separating the script relating to character movement into different related scripts, as to follow the Single Responsibility and Encapsulation principles of OOP. Animation, Player Input, Character Movement, and Abilities were all put into their own scripts.

Demonstration of the main features of the character controller are walking, jumping, gliding, and using the staff.

Character Dialogue Animations

To further immerse the player in the game world, the team’s artists had created animations for both the player character and all NPCs that were to play while the main character is engaged in dialogue with them. The animations are selected randomly between nodding and gesturing, with the script being written in a way where adding more animations in the future is nice and easy. They are set to play when the player advances the text, adding more life to the game world by giving the illusion that the character is speaking.

Demonstration of the nodding and gesturing animations, and how they are played when the player advances text.