Graphics Programming

O3DE Editor Screenshot

I had a difficult time setting up O3DE using the git method, but I got it to work out in the end. It took me several days because I had to retry a lot of times, and just one attempt to build it took five hours. Overall, it was a good refresher for using cmd and I was exposed to some applications that I didn’t know about before like CMake. However, I would probably continuing with using installers like before for future programs.

UI Mockup – Actor Graphics Editor

The O3DE tool that I would like to make would be a “graphics control panel” for characters in a game project. It would allow users to preview different textures, shaders, and even enable and edit particle effects for the models. I was unsure if it would be best to have drag and drop functionality like Unity does for setting textures, so I included room for the possibility of a drop-down menu instead.

The particle effects section would be a bit different than the rest, since the user would have to choose to enable them or not. This is so the preview box only has to render particles if needed, otherwise it would be a waste of resources. The user would choose which particle effect to use and show its “intensity” on the slider. Intensity could end up being defined as the rate of which the particles spawn around the actor, so low intensity would mean less of that kind of particles while high would mean more.

PONG Paddle Textures

For the textures in my pong game, I decided to make the paddles very colorful and the background plain black/white so they stood out more. I had fun making the textures for the paddles, and at first I thought I would make them just plain warm and cool gradients. However, after messing around with the smear tool for a while in Blender’s texture painter, I decided to make them have the swirly pattern on them, which is more interesting in my opinion.

PONG Main Menu

I made the first part of my pong game’s UI, which would be the beginning of the main menu. It shows the text “Press Enter” when the game is played, and the text then goes away when enter is pressed.

Gumball Character

Here are screenshots of the gumball character I made with and without the rig visible, from 4 different angles.

Here are some screenshots of the keyframes for a walk cycle.