Game Programming

Pet Game Prototype

This program was submitted as the final project for a Unity game programming class. My primary goal when designing the architecture was to display a high understanding of the SOLID principles. I also took care to abstract elements of the code so that they were not dependent on the Unity framework to be functional. Specifically, I did this with the Pet, Food, and Toy classes.

The game itself is a virtual pet game, similar to Tamagotchi. The UI buttons spawn items that the player can use with the pet. Each item has a different value that raises either fullness or happiness. The player’s pet will evolve into another pet depending on what the pet’s stats were up until the evolution. The pet will also move back and forth randomly to simulate an animal pacing back and forth. In a perfect version of this game, I would be able to implement the passage of time into lowering stats and triggering evolution. However, that was out of the appropriate scope for the class itself.

The Unity project can be found at this Github Link.