Brain Agents: Teaching Resilience Through Gameplay

A game that is currently in development for iOS, Android, and PC. Brain Agents aims to teach children social and emotional skills to help them succeed in all aspects of their lives. Supported by Milwaukee-based charity STRYV365.

User Accounts and Cloud Saves

Brain Agents is intended for students to play while at school, either on a Chromebook or by the use of a mobile device. This presented a problem, since students could not pick up where they left off if they had to use a different device, something that would be very likely to happen when using shared devices at school. To combat this problem, I created a user account system using Microsoft’s Playfab API that could any user’s save data to the cloud. This was the first time I had ever used an API in a project, so this experience taught me a lot about API calls and asynchronous programming.

Demonstration of Brain Agent’s login screen

To prevent game crashes and provide users with a less frustrating experience, I created an error screen for when users cannot connect to the cloud. It prompts users to return to the title screen to attempt to log in again. I also implemented a similar error screen that alerts players if they are not connected to the internet when they try to log in or make a new account.